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El Bight
329 m²
WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR OFFER FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL ISLAND PROPERTY! The property is located on the island of Guanaja which is part of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Guanaja is surrounded by several smaller Cays, some inhabited. The property is located on the south side of the island and approx. 100 meters from the sea. On a gentle hill with views on the sea and the garden. The 3 houses are located in a beautiful garden of approx. 15'000 m2. Casa LUNA Y SOL 200m2 Casa GECKO 80 m2 Casa Libellula 49 m2 There are several more well situated building sites with precious views. Casa Luna & Sol and Casa Gecko are equipped with 100% solar. 42 solar panels with a capacity of 10KW are installed on the flat roof of Casa L&S. The batteries (48 Volt), the inverter/charger and charge controller all under American electrical safety code are also in this house. Current 110/220V, American standard 50HZ. Casa Libellula is equipped with current from the local electrical company. 3 1200 liter water tanks (one per house) are located in the basement of casa Luna Y Sol. The water is treated with a sand and UV filter. It comes from a source in the mountains maintained by the Municipality. Every house has covered porches and terraces. Grey and blackwater sewage tanks for each house individually. Hurricane shutters in aluminum in casa Luna y Sol and Casa Libellula. Exotic wood shutters and doors in casa Gecko. Roofs with stainless steel hurricane clips. A little creek flows through the property and a second one borders the property on the east side. 2 freshwater wells. A covered greenhouse for the keen gardener is located on the north side. A great variety of exotic fruit trees like Mangoes, Cashew, Avocados, Coconuts, Papayas, Plums, Breadfruit, Bananas, Plantains, Pineapples etc. The property is ideal for people who like to grow their own food and be independet or as small Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, community project, retirement etc. There is enough space and more building sites. The land is subdivided in 6 plots. The Island has beautiful reefs for snorkeling and diving. Kite surfing, fishing, hiking, bird watching and more. The main means of transport is by boat and water taxis. There is one paved road for cars in the eastern part of the island. Golf carts or buggies can be an option to get around in the neighborhood. Guanaja has a national airport. 2 companies offer 2 times daily, flights to and from the coast (La Ceiba) or Roatan. The island is bilingual, English and Spanish. There are bilingual and public schools. On the so called Cay or Bonacca. There also is the Municipality, a clinic, various doctors and dentists, lawyers, shops, restaurants etc. A small expat community will usually meet on Thursday's on the Cay for the weekly shopping when the supply boats arrive from the Coast. contact: